Your Contributions Make a Difference: The Center for Whitley County Youth

Where in Whitley County can youth find after-school, weekend, and summer programming that positively impacts them as the next generation of leaders, families, citizens, and workers? The answer is right downtown!

Since 2004, The Center for Whitley County Youth has been providing young people with a place to go for after school programming as well as partnering on important initiatives to support young people. In 2017, The Center served 405 Whitley County residents!

In the past 6 months The Center has been faced with changes in the community and youth culture. They’ve found a need to increase their communication efforts, expand their reach to Whitko Community School district, and leave a great impression on students attending programming for the first time.

And a great first impression they are actively pursuing!

The Center recently added 5 new board members and transitioned to a new Student Management software that allows them to track and gather better data. Their STEAM activities are expanding, and they have come up with many new ideas that they look forward to implementing. They received a grant that will allow them to transport Whitko Middle School students to Columbia City. And they are gearing up for their second season of Center ICE, a small business that focuses on Mentoring Through Work.

The Center positively impacts Whitley County through providing a supportive, family-like environment that allows young people the opportunity to be mentored, receive homework help, be exposed to new ideas, skills, and experiences, receive healthy snacks and meals, and grow their resume and character.

Don’t take our word for it! Read these testimonials:

“My son has participated in The Center since the beginning of the school year. They help him with homework, he socializes with friends, and they teach him respect and values in a way that is appropriate for each young person…They have helped him to become more socially comfortable and more extroverted…” -From the mother of a participant of The Center

“The Center has been an important refuge from the on-going struggles and challenges at home and in the family. Thank you for being there for them!” -From the sister-in-law of a family of young people who have been involved with The Center

If you want to support or continue to support this valuable resource to Whitley County click the link below.

How does your support benefit The Center?

A weekly gift of $1.00 would provide The Center with one engaging STEAM activity for 10 students after school.

A weekly gift of $10.00 would provide The Center with FREE program participation for 1 student for 1 year.

A weekly gift of $25.00 would provide The Center with 18 weeks of one-on-one tutoring: 1 hour/day, 3 days/week.

Remember, your contributions make a difference!

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