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In 1954 a group of parents sought learning opportunities for their children who were not being educated in public schools. Now Passages serves more than 200 men, women, and children in Northeast Indiana. That’s over a half a century of dedication to helping people with intellectual disabilities or other challenges thrive in the community, at work, at home, and at play.

Thanks to difference makers like YOU, Passages is able to offer their Summer Youth Enrichment program to middle and high school aged individuals with intellectual disabilities. The program is divided into 2 four-week sessions during the summer in which, traditionally, participants are able to attend both sessions. Last winter a six-day program was offered to the Summer Youth program participants.

Currently, there is no other organization in Whitley County that offers this type of program. Thanks to the Summer Youth Enrichment program, the individuals served are able to continue progressing academically, socially, behaviorally, and functionally during the summer months away from school.

Last summer, for the first time since 2010, participants were unable to attend both sessions offered during the summer due to an increase in participation. The program is only equipped to serve 8 participants at a time and 15 participants were registered. Discussion is being had in order to consider adding staff to allow for larger groups and only one session that would cover the entire summer.

Summer Youth Enrichment is so beneficial to individuals right here in Whitley County! Don’t take our word for it – read what Passages has to say!

“One individual served with Autism was very shy and had difficulty making friends and interacting with others. This individual met another participant with similar interests and they began talking with each other within the program and developed a friendship This friendship continues outside of the program where they spend time with each other at their respective families’ homes.”

“One participant served has a hearing impairment Every year the other participants are able to learn sign language in order to communicate. This individual is eager to share his language and the other participants work hard to learn some simple signs.”

“This past year our program has grown not only with participants, but also with adult and student volunteers that want to help make the program a success. The value to our families is immeasurable. They are able to continue their child’s learning throughout the summer knowing they are learning while having a fun experience.”

If you want to support or continue to support this valuable resource to Whitley County click the link below.

How does your support benefit Passages?

A weekly gift of $1.00 would provide Passages with transportation to 2 local field trips.

A weekly gift of $10.00 would provide Passages with FREE program participation for 1 individual for a six week session.

A weekly gift of $25.00 would provide Passages with the use of First Church of God, entry fees to all field trips, and all consumable supplies.

Remember, your contributions make a difference! 


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