Thank You for a Wonderful First Year as ED

Dear United Way Friends,

With one year behind me as the Executive Director for United Way of Whitley County, I would like to share with you what a pleasurable first year it has been and how much I am looking forward to the future of United Way of Whitley County.  My first year has been a tremendous learning experience in a variety of ways. I definitely believe that being in this position has only solidified something which I had already known, but tend to take for granted in my busy day to day life, and that is Whitley County is truly a wonderful place to live. There are a multitude of people who are doing amazing things each and every day in our community. Working with United Way of Whitley County has afforded me the chance to be re-exposed to many of the wonderful qualities that make this county unique and has allowed me to treasure the distinctiveness which living and working within a small town can bring.

The United Way Board of Directors, made up of local citizens who live and/or work in Whitley County, take their commitment seriously to invest the dollars that have been raised throughout the year into programs that will provide the most impact on the lives of people within Whitley County. For 2013 – 2014, United Way of Whitley County has chosen to partner with 18 organizations that focus on helping people within the areas of EDUCATION ~  INCOME ~ COMMUNITY CHEST in our communities.  United Way of Whitley County believes when the needs of individuals are met in these specific areas, then the community as a whole, will reap the benefits.

I confess. I am a big picture person who likes to dwell in possibility! Realistically, however, I know making the big picture a reality takes an entire community; everyone of us working together to accomplish something extraordinary!  While I enjoy looking at the many possibilities in store for Whitley County, I continue to value the one-on-one relationships and connections I am able to make with the people in this community who work tirelessly to make Whitley County such a special place, every day!

From all of us at United Way of Whitley County, thank you for partnering with us in 2012 to impact Whitley County in the areas of EDUCATION ~ INCOME ~ COMMUNITY CHEST.  Let us all continue to look forward to the possibilities the future holds for Whitley County.

Cindy Baker ~ Executive Director

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