Whitko High School Graduation Coaches ~ Great Things Happen When We LIVE UNITED

We love to share success stories and realize we do not do it often enough !  Following is an example of how your contributions to United Way GIVE HOPE and CHANGE LIVES for students at Whitko High School through the Graduation Coaches program.  A Graduation Coach works with a small group of at-risk students at Whitko High School meeting with them throughout the week, making sure they are attending classes, are completing their homework, and providing them a place to talk about difficulties they may be facing both in and out of the classroom.  The Graduation Coach and the students in the group provide one another with a support system and hold one another accountable which help to make the challenges of high school, and life, more manageable for these students.

This story comes to us from the Graduation Coach at Whitko High School.

My favorite success comes from a senior boy whom I called the rollercoaster.  He struggled with anger and resentment toward his mother, guilt and fear at finding a beloved relative almost dead, and erratic mood swings and loss of control while he was trying to regulate his medicine for anxiety and ADD.   Because of this he struggled with academics and discipline.  After building a relationship with him and spending much time in one-to-one conversations, I began to see changes in October this year.  We had been working on his taking responsibility for personal actions while letting go of things that he cannot change.  Throughout this process I kept complimenting him on his verbal skills and his creative writing skills.  Success came.   One day he stayed after school and shared with me for 40 minutes about how he has been writing poetry and writing down his emotions.  He is now passing all classes, has no discipline problems, and is on track to graduate on time.  

Be assured that your contributions to United Way are invested back into the community where they can make a difference in the lives of those who live in Whitley County.  Thank you for giving and investing in lasting change that benefits us all !


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