J & J Insurance Solutions Receives 2016 Acts of Service Award

The Acts of Service award is an award given to a local business or company that goes above and beyond in their generosity; not only with their financial contributions, but with their service and volunteerism in the community, as well.

Here are some thoughts about this year’s Acts of Service award winner:

When you think of the essence of servant leadership this business and its leaders represent it to a T.  They are quick to contribute to the community in whatever way their time and talents can benefit.  What makes them so effective as leaders is that they participate.  When collaborating in teams, committees or boards, they solicit other’s thoughts and help structure them into action.  The passion of this business and its leaders is woven into the fabric of our community and we are better for it.  This business and its leaders have their hearts in the right place; they truly give from the heart in whatever it is they are involved with.  Their gifts have had a great impact on our community and their legacy will contain, in large part, how they have touched thousands of lives in a positive way.

It is my honor and pleasure to present the 2016 ACTS of SERVICE award to J & J Insurance ~ June Keiser and Jacie Worrick.  Thank you, ladies, for pouring yourselves into making Whitley County a better, stronger, community !

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