HOPE is a Game Changer: Success Story from Community Partner YWCA Domestic Violence Services

The mission of YWCA Domestic Violence Services is to reduce the impact and frequency of domestic violence incidents through education of our citizenry, assessment of needs, coordination of existing services, and implementation of new services. One of their primary goals is crisis intervention, to act as a resource for victims, and to raise awareness and educate the community on prevention. Together, with Whitley County Domestic Violence Task Force, they are working with local law enforcement to develop a domestic violence protocol for Whitley County to ensure that no victim slips through the cracks and receives help when needed.
Currently, their main goals are to educate students on the signs of domestic violence and how to detect unhealthy relationships in their lives, as well as to educate the public as to what domestic violence looks like in our county. In addition, they provide shelter and counseling to victims of domestic violence to help them gain strength to leave abusive relationships and look forward to a future with healthy relationships.  The following story illustrates how the YWCA provides HOPE for victims of domestic violence and works with them on their journey to break the cycle of violence.
During the past six months, a young woman reached out for help due to experiencing crisis from domestic violence. She had just moved out of the abuser’s home with her newborn baby and she was struggling with severe emotional trauma due to the abuse. Our case manager met for months with the young woman and, each time they met, she would open up more, allowing them to continue working on her goals and begin healing from the deep emotional impact. We provided domestic violence education and resources exploring danger assessment and safety planning, while also connecting her to resources offered to victims through the State of Indiana. The case management provided focused on the crisis needs at hand, as well as long-term goals that she wanted to achieve. Our case manager provided advo-cacy by going to court and ensuring the protective order was put in place. Once the basic need of safety was established, they focused on the goal of finding a job that would make her happy and empower her to support her child and become self-sufficient. Our case manager used different techniques to assist in meeting her employment goal and, together, they researched different job opportunities. The research ended up leading her to additional free educational training and, not only did she enhance her, yet she also gained the employment she was seeking. Over the past six months, she and the case manager con-tinue to meet and focus on developing healthy support systems, budgeting, and ongoing safety planning for her and her child. She has made tremendous changes in her self-esteem and confidence, and continues to grow and heal due to the confidential supportive case management provided by the program.  

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