About Us

United Way of Whitley County strives to be a leader for change within our community.  Change occurs through community impact and is about working at the local level to improve the lives of people in our community, and through partnering with whatever sectors, systems, groups, or environments that play a role in achieving that goal.

Grant applications for funding are taken on an annual basis.  Community Investment panels are brought together in May to review grant applications, meet with applicants, and determine which programs and services show the capacity to have the most impact on our community.

Prospective applicants must have all documentation for funding turned in to United Way of Whitley County no later than April 30th and funding is announced by June 30th.

To find out how your contributions to United Way of Whitley County are invested, please take time to look over our annual report and statistics.  United Way of Whitley County will continue to share with you, in as many ways possible, how your contributions GIVE HOPE and CHANGE LIVES throughout Whitley County.  We are ALWAYS grateful for the support you provide to local programs and services, who without you, may have to cut back on services due to lack of funding support.  THANK YOU for choosing to LIVE UNITED!

2014 Report to Community

2016-2017 Statistics